Project Background

Personalizing Behavioral Interventions:
A Machine Learning Approach To Foster Sustainable Behavior

In the fall of 2022, we had the ambitious idea to develop a new form of behavioral interventions. By combining our expertise in behavioral science and machine learning, we set out to develop an approach that personalizes behavior interventions based on the motives and behaviors of individual consumers.

An integral part of our research agenda is a new research platform on which we can run behavioral experiments around intervention personalization. At the same time, we wanted to make the research itself sustainable:
(1) promote sustainable development goals
(2) partner with companies and institutions that promote sustainable developments
(3) promote open science by publishing our data and code generated through our platform.

To support our research we won a Kickstarter Convergence grant, received a Veni grant, and won an honorable mention at the EMAC–Sheth Foundation Sustainability Research Competition. Most importantly, we have gained the generous support of fantastic sponsors, and we have developed a prototype for our field experiment app. See how you can become a part of our exciting research project!